Watch Any time I do a challenge like this, the morning after, I inevitably ask myself, “Why, Clay? Why?

The reason I sacrificed my body this time was to support four outstanding charities - Helping Hands, Warwickshire Young Carers, Warwick Food Bank, and Tiny Tim’s Children Centre.

I mentioned in my last post, that we were doing the 9 Edges Endurance Challenge, which takes place in the natural beauty of the Peak District National Park.

The Challenge - Hike 9 of the most famous Edges in the Peak District in under 11 hours - a total of 23 miles (if you don’t count the miles being lost!).

I’m not sure if you are aware of the terrain in the Peaks, but it can be as deceptively brutal as it is beautiful.

And yesterday, it was brutal! Which I am reminded of every time I stand up to hobble 10 feet today.

I’m reaching out to those of you who would like to support four outstanding charities and can spare some change.

I broke my body for the cause, now it’s your turn to spare a little change in return, just go to our JustGiving page and let us know you care.

You can donate on our Just Giving page

Big shout out to my fellow adventurers: Marcus Garratt, Graeme Parrott, Hannah Ingram, Rhys Jarman, and Michelle Hughes.

Special mention: Isla and Flex, our two furry friends who kept us company along the way.

Soulcruzer @soulcruzer