I’m not sure why people are surprised by Instagram’s latest move. These social media platforms exist to make money. Every artist-entreprenuer using the platform should understand this. They have no problem making changes to their business if it means making more money.

But what’s the alternative?

We’ve already let the social media giants bribe us with cocaine and candy to abandon our blogs – a space where we held power over our own fates and intimacy with our readers. We helped the social media giants get our audiences addicted to social media. And now there’s no coming back. Social media is a habit worse than heroin.

And so the great diaspora begins again as we search for a new platform – a platform that promises to give us 100% reach.

The drive into Leamington Spa is quiet.

I have a meeting at noon in Cafe Nero. I am a little early. The sun is out today, so I grab a table outside. It’s been a while since I last had a meeting over coffee. It reminds me of the good old days. The days before Covid was a thing.

The meeting is enjoyable.

After the meeting, I spend the rest of the afternoon editing a couple of videos for a big project I’m working on.

I nearly forget about my 16:30 meeting. Thank God Lou is on the ball, she saves my life with a text reminding me where I’m supposed to be.

We are not free. At best we are indentured servants conned into thinking we are free.

Thinking is a good thing. But as we all know too much of a good thing can be bad.

Still. I can’t get away from thoughts. Nor do I want to.

I feel like I need a fresh start with blogging. And now I’m thinking of micro.blog again as a platform.

How many times can you start again?

As many times as it takes is the obvious answer. Dogged determination to succeed. Or die trying as the saying goes.

The mind of the observer requires a certain type of energy. I have a tendency towards high energy which is not the best for the observer role, which needs to be more low key, more apparition-like amongst the people.

Soulcruzer @soulcruzer